Legal Help Filing for Bankruptcy

Personal Bankruptcy Attorneys for Chapter 7 & Chapter 13

  • Are you struggling to pay your monthly bills?
  • Worried about making your next mortgage payment?
  • Afraid your car could be repossessed?

Filing for bankruptcy in Rhode Island may be the answer. Filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy can stop repossession, wage garnishment, harassing phone calls and abusive debt collection tactics. It can even stop a foreclosure.

Learn how personal bankruptcy can actually improve your credit rating and your financial situation. Call the Rhode Island personal bankruptcy attorneys at The Family and Consumer Law Center: 401-728-6060. We handle Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 personal and small business bankruptcies.

The First Step to Solid Financial Ground

Our first course of action is to determine whether you qualify for Chapter 7 (A fresh start bankruptcy that literally wipes out most of your debt) or Chapter 13 debt reorganization. Once you hire us, we will prepare all the necessary documents and act as your representative at all meetings with creditors and hearings with the Bankruptcy Trustee. You don't have to handle this on your own any more. Now you'll have an advocate.

Business Bankruptcy, Farm Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy Litigation

When it comes to bankruptcy, we do it all!

  • We help clients in Chapter 7 bankruptcy recoup money that was seized from their bank accounts or wages.
  • We represent clients in Chapter 11 business bankruptcies and Chapter 12 farm bankruptcies.
  • We handle proof of claims and bankruptcy litigation.

A Word About Bankruptcy and Personal Injury Claims

In Rhode Island, the money that you receive from a personal injury case is not exempt in bankruptcy. This is unfortunate because many people who have been through a lengthy personal injury case are in great financial hardship. They may need to declare bankruptcy. If your personal injury settlement comes through while you are working through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the bankruptcy trustee is likely to take that money to pay your creditors.

Chapter 7 bankrupties in Massachusetts are handled differently than in Rhode Island. We handle cases in both states so ask us about it.

Bankruptcy can be complex. Why not work with a highly experienced bankruptcy lawyer who really knows the ropes. Contact our Pawtucket office or call us at 401-728-6060 (toll-free at 800-851-1829). We also have a satellite office in Cranston.

Our office is open Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. evening, and Saturdays appoinments upon request.
We are located in historic downtown Pawtucket, just off Route 95.

We accept all major credit cards.

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The bankuptcy, family Law and consumer protection lawyers at The Family and Consumer Law Center of Claude Lefebvre and Christopher Lefebvre, P.C., have offices in Pawtucket and Cranston, Rhode Island. The firm represents clients throughout Rhode Island and southern Massachusetts' communities including Providence, Warwick, Attleboro, Seekonk; and communities in Bristol County and Norfolk County, MA.
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